Our Approach

We are determined, curious, pragmatic, evidence-based consultants. Using a variety of custom research tools, workshops, and other techniques we dive in deep to learn the realities of your business. Based on the evidence and our business experience, we will challenge you to see your company and marketplace in a new way.

Our Brand Alloy process is proprietary, but we focus on two essential steps:

Reality Check

In our experience, companies have many strongly held beliefs—but these beliefs are wrong about half the time. The Reality Check removes these blind spots by comparing internally held beliefs to qualitative and quantitative market data. The results of this analysis are often eye-opening and enlightening.

Real World Strategy and Activation

Developing a brand strategy that pinpoints the most compelling differentiators to prioritize is the fun part. But being disciplined in its execution is where the strategy will accelerate revenue growth. Many companies struggle or fatigue with knowing how to translate strategies into business realities. We also provide the rigorous discipline to activate the strategy at each customer touch point.

“The 50/50 rule:
All companies have internal beliefs. When tested in the market, 50% are wrong, limiting opportunity.”

Laura R. Ansell